About us

We are Janneke Kroon & Doru Loboka. Together we are Kroon & Loboka, a creative still life duo based in The Netherlands. Our expertise ranges from set design to photography, styling and production. We are a dynamic duo with a lot of imagination. We come from different backgrounds and this has a heavy influence on our work. Whether it’s our expertise, experiences in life or our ethnicities, we are able to look at things from different perspectives. We believe that stills are an excellent tool to package a message. Without models involved you are able to give the audience room for their own interpretation. The viewer is not excluded because of race or gender. Target groups nowadays have very fluid interests. And at the same time they have a strong idea of what they like. This means that a different approach is needed when it comes to imagery. With the overflowing amount of images people see everyday, brands need to keep up putting out content. That’s why we offer a wide range of content. Which includes still life photography, product photography and stop motion. In our work we like to tell stories, we like to create engagement with the audience. We help brands to visualize their vision. With our background in marketing we are able to tell a story with elements as light, composition, color combinations and texture. Simple but with an edge. We look forward to work with you.