Maha Amsterdam ‘Fall Winter 2016’

YAYA Kombucha ‘Yaya it’s here’



‘Candles for nights’

Skins Cosmetics ‘Christmas campaign 2018’

‘Composition sandpaper’

NRC Leven het weekend ‘Alcohol special’

‘Precious Plastic in the spotlight’

Peet Dullaert “Myths of the sea”

Project Palha ‘Mozambique bags’


‘A cosmopolitan African’

“Glass shards”


Puma x Baskèts

An instagram content collaboration with Baskèts for the promotion of the new Puma RS-X Sound and editing by Gloria van de Glind

Fairtrade Original

A series of playful compositions made with ingredients to promote Fairtrade Originals newest creations Sound by Gloria van de Glind